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Tax Data

We need the following data at least two weeks before your scheduled Tax Preparation meeting so we have adequate time to prepare your returns. Click here to see how to send your data to us and for other important information about filing season.

Earned Income

Income earned from working

Documentation for income you receive from your job, business, or retirement. That is, any income you received because you work now or you have worked in the past. This documentation includes:

  • W-2's (employee income)
  • 1099-MISC and 1099-NEC (miscellaneous and non-employee income)
  • Profit and Loss Reports (records from a personal business)
  • SSA-1099 (income from Social Security)
  • 1099-R (retirement income)

Investment Income

Income your money makes

Receipts or documentation for income received from investments. This would include:

  • 1099-B (sales of stock or mutual funds)
  • 1099-DIV (dividends from stocks or mutual funds)
  • 1099-INT (interest from bank accounts)
  • K-1 (profits/losses from partnerships, estates, etc)


Deductions from Taxable Income

All receipts or documentation for tax deductions or credits. This includes:

  • 1098 (home mortgage interest)
  • Property taxes paid (this might be your 1098 or you can find out from the county auditor or treasurer)
  • Charitable donations (remember to get receipts for both cash donations and for donations of goods)
  • Education expenses (this includes school expenses for you, your spouse, and your children)
  • Medical expenses (any out-of-pocket medical expenses)
  • Teaching expenses (out-of-pocket expenses for K-12 teachers)
  • Anything else you think may be deductible

Special Circumstances

Other income or deductions

All receipts, documentation, and explanations of tax items that don't fit anywhere else, or whatever you have so much of that it needs a pocket of its own. This might include:

  • 1099-S (from sale of your home)
  • Miscellaneous income (such as jury duty pay)
  • List of charitable contributions or business expenses (remember you need to keep the receipts, but a list is generally all that is needed for tax filing purposes, not the receipts themselves)


Information that "looks tax-related"

Forms or data that don't fit anywhere else but seem important and look like they might have something to do with taxes.

Additional Information

Data we need to complete your returns

We also need the following information to finalize your returns.

  • Did you engage in any transactions with or receive any digital currency (like Bitcoin)?
  • Did you have anything to do with a financial account in a foreign country or a foreign trust?
  • Did you buy anything from out of state where you did not pay sales tax, but would have if you'd bought the same thing in your home state? If so, we need to know the dollar amount of those purchases.

If you're receiving a refund, do you prefer:

  • Direct Deposit
  • Using the federal refund to buy an I Bond (paying >6% as of Feb/Mar 2023, takes longer than Direct Deposit)
  • A check by mail (takes longer than Direct Deposit)

If you file a city return and pay estimated tax for the next tax year, do you prefer:

  • Pay RITA/CCA/City estimate in full when you file
  • Pay first quarter when you file, and make 3 quarterly payments