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Public Sector Professionals

We know a career in public service means your circumstances are different. You lack some of the privacy of your private-sector neighbors. Your pension isn’t subject to the same rules. Your 457 is not quite like a 401(k). You may not be eligible for Social Security, and if you are, it’s harder to know how much you’ll receive.

You’re not alone. More than half of our clients include careers in public service in their financial plans for retirement. We work with professionals—including college professors and political appointees, state employees and postal workers, urban planners and VA managers—to help them secure a strong financial future.

Whether your career is under FERS, one of Ohio’s public pension systems, or blends public service and a private sector work, we know what it takes to make your retirement sustainable—to make your money work hard for you. We’ll help you handle the challenges unique to public employees, both during your working years and after you retire.