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Practical Financial Planning Promotes Bicycling Safety with Bike Cleveland Thumbnail

Practical Financial Planning Promotes Bicycling Safety with Bike Cleveland

Practical Financial Planning announced today that the firm has joined Bike Cleveland as a supporting business member. 

Bike Cleveland is described as "the 501(c)(3) advocacy non-profit for people on bikes in the Greater Cleveland Area." Kenneth F. Robinson, JD, CFP®, founder and Senior Advisor of Practical Financial Planning, had high praise for Bike Cleveland's work. "Travel by bicycle has become increasingly important and bike sales have jumped since the beginning of the pandemic. We're proud to support Bike Cleveland's vision of convenient and safe biking, walking, and access to public transit as essential modes of transportation used by a majority of people in our region."

Jacob VanSickle, Bike Cleveland's Executive Director, noted the importance of businesses supporting the organization's work. "As we celebrate our 10-year anniversary, we're especially grateful to more than 1,000 dues-paying members and over 30 business partners for their support of our work towards safe, equitable mobility. Communities and businesses that are bicycle friendly have become the top choice for where people want to live and work, and we are advocating for a more bicycle friendly region," said VanSickle.

For more about Bike Cleveland, visit their website at www.bikecleveland.org

You can learn more about Practical Financial Planning at www.p-f-p.com.