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Ken Robinson and Practical Financial Planning Receive Awards Thumbnail

Ken Robinson and Practical Financial Planning Receive Awards

Kenneth F. Robinson, JD, CFP®, founder and Senior Advisor of Practical Financial Planning in Rocky River, received the 2019 Bert Whitehead Visionary Award at the annual conference of Alliance of Comprehensive Planners on Nov. 13, 2019. The Alliance of Comprehensive Planners (ACP) is a community of tax-focused, fiduciary financial advisors who provide comprehensive tax and financial planning strategies for their clients on a fiduciary, fee-only (no-commission) retainer basis. 

The Visionary Award recognized Ken's  contributions to ACP. Frankie Corrado, ACP President, introduced Robinson as the recipient of the 2019 Bert Whitehead Visionary Award, saying, "Ken's passion for financial planning is inspiring. He has described financial planning as not merely a career but a calling."

Ken completed a three-year term on the ACP Board of Directors in 2018. He serves or has served on the PR and Marketing Committee, the Training Committee, and as a mentor to new members. He has been a Group Instructor, co-chair of the Advanced Planners' Retreat Committee, an editor for the Financial Focus newsletter, and had a hand in writing and producing ACP's cutting-edge white papers. He is also an often-requested presenter at ACP conferences.

Ken also hosts ACP's new podcast series, Practical Wisdom from ACP Financial Advisors

Accepting the Visionary Award, Ken said, "When people ask me, 'Why are you so passionate about ACP?' I say, 'It's about the privilege of being a fiduciary.' What connects all of us, with all the different ways that we practice, is that we share important values about what it means to serve clients and how we are responsible to serve them."

Additionally, Practical Financial Planning has been named to the Wealth Management magazine's 2019 Thrive Awards List, recognizing the nation's fastest-growing independent financial advisors. 

"It is exciting to be recognized as a growing financial planning firm in the Cleveland area, especially because we take a different approach to financial planning," said Ken. "People don't always understand–at least not at first–how our holistic, fiduciary, retainer-based services truly benefit the client. We are really pleased to be acknowledged for our growth over the last three years; that means our advisory team is reaching more people and helping them reach their financial goals."

"Much of our success we owe not just to the ACP business model but to their true fiduciary, holistic, client-first methodology," Ken said. "Being a fiduciary isn't the easiest way for us to work, and there are critics who say it's not the way that we're going to make the most money. And my response is, 'Yeah? What's your point?' Because to put the client first really is something special in financial services."

Read the full press release here.