"We have only one ambition: to be your trusted partner in creating financial confidence. Because the moment you stop worrying about money, life gets better."™
—Ken Robinson, JD, CFP®

Wealth Management

The Wealth Management Retainer provides the highest levels of individualized attention, with a special emphasis on tax efficiency and reliable cash flow.
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Standard Retainer

PFP's comprehensive service, providing a full financial plan, allowing clients as much time as needed to answer all their questions, the Standard Retainer provides ongoing guidance.
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Investment Project

A series of three meetings of 90 minutes each. Learn which investments to sell, which to buy, and the long-term approach you can use to keep your investments in their proper balance.
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Financial Fitness Review

A two-hour meeting providing customized recommendations on the client’s highest financial priorities. The Financial Fitness Review is your best introduction to Practical Financial Planning.
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Practical Financial Planning is all about holistic, no-commission financial planning. Our job is to help you improve your quality of life by helping you get and stay on track with your own financial goals. And this allows you to concentrate on other goals that are often more important. Because the moment you stop worrying about money, life gets better.