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Short-Term Guidance Providing
Sound Strategies for Your Unique Needs

Maybe you have just a few specific concerns. Interested in kickstarting your investment portfolio? Looking for the best ways to reduce your tax liability? Want to get a head start on preparing for your kids' college? Ken and Britta are ready to help wih advice on your biggest financial concerns. Even in a short-term project, the strategies and solutions we present can have lasting effects on your overall financial well-being. And our firm sells no financial products of any kind—we receive no commissions from anyone, at any time, for any reason. We are paid only by our clients.

Financial Fitness Review

The Financial Fitness Review can be a great introduction to Practical Financial Planning. After a two-hour meeting together, we’ll prepare customized written recommendations on your highest financial priorities.

We'll focus on up to three specific questions on subjects like:

  • Debt reduction and management
  • Cash flow analysis and enhancement
  • Tax planning for the current year
  • Recommendations for possible tax strategies
  • Retirement/Financial Independence Analysis
  • Review of current asset allocation and investment location for tax efficiency
  • Evaluation of performance of current investments
  • Review of Financial Life Cycle position
  • Analysis of current costs being incurred for financial advice

Fee: $1,150

Investment Project

In two to four meetings, learn the best strategy for your goals, and which specific investments to sell or buy.

The Investment Project will provide you with written recommendations covering:

  • A comprehensive review of your net worth
  • Personalized asset allocation
  • Customized investment strategy
  • Investment sale and purchase recommendation
  • Retirement sustainability analysis

Fee range: $3,500 to $20,000 (based on investable net worth, annual income, complexity, advisor responsibility, and value added).

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