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Choose one of our Financial Wellness Checkups™

A once-over that identifies the most important next steps for you to improve your financial well-being.

  • Limited scope engagements
  • A single meeting of 1-2 hours
  • Not a full financial plan, but answering your specific questions
  • Includes a written recommendation of your most important steps to improve your financial plan [This unnumbered list is followed by three questions. Each question, when clicked on, opens a modal.]

“I haven’t done much financial planning before. How to I even begin?”

When you’re ready to move beyond the piggy bank…

I’ve got some things in place and I think I’m doing OK, but I don’t know if I’m missing anything.”

Maybe you’ve been saving in a 401(k), earning a pension, or building your own investment portfolio. Make sure your other financial habits are supporting your goals.

“Am I on track to retire?”

Be sure you’re reasonably set for a sustainable retirement. Using sophisticated modeling and easy-to-understand principles, we’ll help you understand what you need to do to have the retirement that’s most like the life that you want.